Ensure your success - Engage Talent that respect, retain and embrace your culture.


We see our role as supporting you and your work environment.

Be our No.1 priority. Solidifying our joint partnership by becoming an extension of your team and business. A seamless staffing solution, scalable to meet your needs.  An integral part of your recruitment team, our staff are your staff via the Virtual Recruitment Office. 


Our Guarantee
To provide; consistency, commitment, integrity, transparency, best practice and pure collaboration. 


Measurable results
Data driven reporting and tracking

Time.......your most valuable commodity
It is possible an exceptional potential employee may never come across your business.  We have broad networks and retain resumes of thousands of skilled professionals.  Hence, we are able to provide you with candidates who are closer to the right fit than you would likely find on your own.  This in turn saves you time by not having to vet a multitude of applications of unsuitable candidates.


Statistically, we review 1,700 prospective employees for each role


Our Commitment to you
XCalibre Solutions dedicated Account Manager, understands your business objectives and culture and is devoted to ensuring that we maximise your brand throughout the campaign.


What is the cost?
What is the cost if you are unable to fulfil your business goals/ objectives?  Lack of talent can affect how your business performs, your bottom line as well as meeting the necessary objectives. 


Culture has a major impact on the success of New Starters, even those with very similar skills and experiences.  XCalibre Solution’s recruitment process identifies the unique beliefs, behaviours and practices of your Company, to align New Starters to your culture. 

  • You will receive a shortlist of suitable candidates that are tailored to your position, highlighting all relevant key selection criteria as well as a detailed synopsis. 

  • Our recruitment methodology assists us in identifying the right candidate for you by establishing; working preferences, career objectives, expertise and commitment.