Strategic Transformation to Talent Acquisition

Imagine a future and influence it - Strategise

We believe the future of talent acquisition and management lies in integrated strategic thinking.  We encourage you to step above interim needs - by truly understanding the talent you need tomorrow - to meet your Business Goals and ensure your continued success.

A changing workforce is leading to talent shortages in many parts of the world. It's time to think differently about Talent Acquisition.

XCalibre Solutions accomplish this objective through an innovative approach that combines the sourcing capability of executive search firms and the accountability of in-house staffing functions.         


Pioneering a Virtual Recruitment Team, which allows you to draw on experiences of the talent marketplace.  Only together, through pure collaboration, can we build a robust and live plan to meet your Business Goals. 

Saving you both time and money when you utilise the most appropriate blend of your workforce, gaining a seamless blend of permanent and flexible workforce, to support your organisation's strategic, operational and geographic objectives.

Whether you are hiring someone for your team, or the company is ready to grow again, XCalibre Solutions works seamlessly for you. 

XCalibre Solutions’ Virtual Recruitment Team, can lower your cost and reduce time-to-fill whilst providing you with consistency, uniformity and transparency.



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